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What is an URB-E?

An URB-E is a foldable, electric vehicle that is in a category of its own, though federally categorized as a low-speed electric bicycle and not a scooter. Components include an electric rear-wheel motor, throttle acceleration, disk brake system, and pneumatic tires.

Any Qualifications?

Servicing an URB-E is comparable to servicing an e-bike. You'll need to know how to troubleshoot loss of power and how to use a multimeter. Soldering experience is a plus.

Most Common Issues?

Most common issues include flat tires, cable damage in the throttle, power loss from blown fuse, and intermittent connectivity due to damaged battery pin connectors.

What's Provided?

We provide warranty parts for free and all other parts at wholesale. Torque value chart and diagram are provided as well as all the video tutorials available on our support page. We do not provide tools, but standard bike shop tools + some torx screws will cover your needs.

Who else?

See our current Care Partners below!

Archer Bicycle

Greg Archer has been our Bay Area care representative since August 2018, and we couldn't be happier to work with him! He's an Oakland community fixture for both bikers and URB-E riders alike. Hours and contact info listed under the URB-E Care tab of our support page.

Solé Bicycles

Solé Bicycles was our very first care partner. They've been providing reliable service for URB-E owners since April 2018 and keep us connected to our community in central LA. Hours and contact info listed under the URB-E Care tab of our support page.

How do I become a Care Partner?

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