UPS Uses URB-E Trailer Rigs to Deliver the Holiday Packages

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for UPS. Early results this season show an increase of parcel drops by 80-100% per hour.

With record numbers of parcel deliveries being expected for the 2018 Holiday season, UPS turns to URB-E to keep up with the demand.

How URB-E Trailers Improve UPS Delivery Efficiency

Residential Deliveries

The URB-E trailer rig can go up driveways right to the house door to deliver, reducing driver fatigue. In addition, the maneuverable trailer design allows the rig to turn around in a standard driveway and exit as quick as it came in.

Deliveries on Busy City Streets

The URB-E Trailer can efficiently navigate inner city streets without adding to the congestion problem. This means less UPS vehicles on the streets, and no double parking of delivery vans.

Personnel Efficiency and Enjoyment

The UPS drivers are enjoying the excited responses in their neighborhoods. People have come running out of their houses to take pictures of the URB-E rig in their street as well as curious police officers stopping them to find out more about the innovative delivery system.

What’s more, the URB-E attracts seasonal personnel in a scarce labor market.

The Specs: Why the URB-E Trailer is the Delivery System of the Future

The rugged and powerful URB-E Pro GT serves as the tractor for the URB-E Trailer Rig and pulls a variety of trailers for different purposes. The flagship trailer can carry a 300lb payload and was developed for the Long Beach Fire Department for use in natural disaster response. It’s extremely maneuverable and can turn in the width of any standard sidewalk as well as being narrow enough to fit through a standard 30” door.

In standard configuration it has X cubic feet of cargo volume that can be expanded to X cubic feet in the XL trim and to a whopping X cubic feet in XXL configuration.

Switchable battery allows for continuous use beyond the standard 20mile range.

On-Board GPS allows UPS to track the rigs.

URB-E supplies the rigs as a no-worries turnkey solution on a subscription basis and takes care of maintenance, repairs and replacement to ensure a 100% up time for UPS.

What the Future Holds for URB-E Trailers

With the success of the UPS/URB-E Trailer pilot program, UPS has committed to purchasing/leasing more rigs for the remainder of the holiday season. URB-E expects the trend to continue as delivery companies see more and more success and increased efficiency amongst delivery personnel.