• Meet Jay at UPS.

    He makes UPS deliveries twice as fast with URB-E. Watch!

    Jay has been at UPS for 28 years, and now he’s delivering packages twice as fast using URB-E! Watch here to see how URB-E integrates into Jay’s delivery route and helps him double his productivity.

  • Meet Lance.

    This professor rides his URB-E 100 miles each month. Watch!

    Lance is a college professor who lives in Long Beach, CA and rides his URB-E 100 miles a month. Watch here to see how URB-E's unrivaled quality and manufacturing won him over and changed his life.

  • Meet Andrea.

    This LA lawyer financed her URB-E in just a few minutes.

    Andrea is a lawyer from Los Angeles who financed her URB-E in just a few minutes with no interest for an entire year. Watch her story to see how she avoids traffic, runs errands, and connects to her city, all for affordable monthly payments.

  • Meet Andrew.

    This LA native replaced his car with an URB-E. Watch his story!

    Andrew is a real estate agent and Los Angeles native who replaced his car with an URB-E! Watch his testimonial to see how URB-E saves him money and time and gives him transit options he never thought possible.

  • Meet John.

    This barber avoids parking and wasted time with URB-E.

    John is a Barber who uses URB-E to minimize his commute and maximize his time with his family. Not only is he less than 10 minutes from the nearest metro stop by URB-E, but he no longer has to worry about parking!

  • Meet URB-E Owners.

    URB-E helped these people improve their daily lives.

    Meet some of the owners whose lives have been changed by URB-E. Office life, campus life, freelance life, and the day-to-day grind, all easier and more efficient with URB-E.

Recent Reviews
  • Fun to Ride and Looks Cool
    Maria Johnson Velasquez
    There's nothing else like the URB-E experience through the city. It's fun to ride and looks cool, too!
  • An Amazing Piece of Engineering
    Daryl Hamilton
    I've had my URB-E for 2 weeks and it's fantastic! It's an amazing piece of engineering and a beautiful product. Easy to ride, easy to store at home and in the car. Thanks URB-E team and keep up the good work!
  • This is a Must Have
    My first stroll on my URB-E through the urban streets of Philadelphia was OFF THE HOOK. Please believe me, this is a must have, whether you live in a big city or in the suburbs.
  • Going Places has Never Been More Fun
    John Berger
    From the moment I first rode a demo model, I knew I had to have one. When I brought mine home, I'm not sure who was more excited, my daughters or me. From riding on the boardwalk at the beach to cruising around my neighborhood, going places has never been more fun. The only question that remains is when am I going to get a second one!
    Adam Maciel
    Best thing ever! I needed it for the commute to work and beyond. With a 20 mile range per charge the possibilities are endless. Makes me happy to be alive in a time with such amazing tech. Thanks so much guys. I F-ING LOVE MINE!!!
  • Next Level Technology
    Frank Knuckles (of The Roots)
    The URB-E is next level technology. I love how quick the ride is.
  • They are our Freedom Machines
    Laura Gail Batchelor
    We are so thrilled to have our two URB-Es! Everyone comments on the quality of the construction and design. The precision tooling in aircraft aluminum is beautiful. It looks like jewelry. It is the perfect size for getting around without having to resort to the car. We can't wait to use it as our transportation to and from the boat, and being able to get around without being held hostage by bus schedules and exorbitant taxi rates. They are our FREEDOM machines!!! It's impossible not to smile when we ride the URB-Es.
  • Perfect for Urban Commute
    Grace Lee
    Beautifully engineered quality product that is clearly a labor of love. Lightweight, compact, easy to handle/store, and perfect for urban commute.
  • Amazing!!!
    Vinita Khalnani
    So fun to ride! Easy to carry! Great price! Amazing!!!