• Efficient to store
    and easy to deploy.

  • Our clients include
    Fortune 100 companies.

  • URB-E maximizes your productivity and reduces costs.
  • URB-E is adaptable to your specific needs.
  • URB-E minimizes your emissions.

URB-E for Businesses

Here at URB-E we’re tackling Last Mile Delivery. We understand the need to be fast, flexible and reliable, so we engineer and build tailored solutions so you can meet this demand and stand out as a leader in your field.

In our initial pilot program with a Fortune 100 company, daily productivity increased by over 40% - that's 40% more packages delivered in a single day. URB-E allowed for 10 miles of dense urban coverage and minimized the use of gas delivery vehicles.

We want your business to save money and run better, and we’re proud to help you lead the way.

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