Making a


URB-E: born in a changing world.

Here at URB-E we noticed a problem - cities becoming more and more crowded with inefficient transit options. Infrastructure doesn't change overnight, so we designed a vehicle that saves people space, time and money and sets them up for success in a changing world.
2/3 world population will
live in cities by 2050.
Vehicle needed to be both
specific and multi-use.
Our core mission at URB-E is to be the global leader in foldable, emission-free transportation solutions.


Effects of Foldability

URB-E's foldability allows you to do so much more. Suddenly you can run errands without a car. Suddenly you're connected to public transit. Suddenly you're saving time and money you didn't know you were wasting. Suddenly you have a product that basically disappears and improves your life in ways never before possible.

Portable Power

URB-E's innovative batteries keep you charged and connected with USB ports on every vehicle. You can truly go the extra mile.

Engineered for easy and smooth functionality, URB-E products are made with high strength and lightweight materials for long-lasting durability.

URB-E: Patented Performance

We want to help you go further and do more. Our 18 patents and 32 patents pending demonstrate our commitment to a level of performance that no one else can match. At this very moment, we're hard at work researching and developing new ways to help the world turn more efficiently. We can't wait to show you what's next.

Watch the video below to see our Chief Engineer Sven Etzelsberger break down what went into making our classic URB-E vehicle.

Current Urb-E Fleet