What Would You Do With 5 1/2 Extra Minutes?

Posted by Simon Caballero on


What Would You do with 5 More Days a Year?

URB-E riders save, on average, 15 minutes each way on their daily commute. That equals 30 minutes a day. Which equals 2.5 hours a week. Which adds up to 12.5 hours a month. Which comes to 150 hours in a year. 150 hours a year is about 5.5 days a year. What could you do with an extra 5 and a half days a year? We have a couple of ideas:

Taking the URB-E with you every day gives you enough time to finally cross dreams off your checklist. So whether it's learning to make sushi, ride a motorcycle, or take a vacation to Hawaii, the URB-E is an end to excuses.