Urban626 and NetSuite Build A More Efficient Future

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Urban626 and NetSuite: Working Towards a More Efficient Future

Think about life before you had a smartphone. Unless you did research beforehand, you were guessing if a new restaurant you walked by was worth visiting. You had to look at pixelated photos of your sibling’s new child until you could get home to open the email. The smartphone provides instant gratification to curiosities, and immediate solutions to problems you previously had to wait for.  

Our CEO, Peter Lee, and our Director of Operations, Frank Rosales, talked about how NetSuite helped the URB-E team triple daily sales thanks to a more efficient business platform. From the CEO to our production line, every facet of the URB-E's construction and sale is now easier thanks to NetSuite. Life before NetSuite for Urban626 (the company behind the URB-E) was like life before the smartphone. Urban626's different processes were completed on different platforms, and answers to questions were buried in different piles. With NetSuite, Urban626 has built an operations system as forward-thinking and efficient as the URB-E Folding Electric Scooter.

Greater Efficiency, from the Ground to the Cloud

Urban626 has benefited greatly from partnering with NetSuite. From inventory tracking to accounting, URB-E has worked with NetSuite to facilitate our business and make the growth of an innovative company the focus. The URB-E comes first thanks to NetSuite: while competitors worry about organizing inventory and stress out over processes, Urban626 focuses on the products and people that matter. Urban 626, URB-E Foldable Electric Scooter couple chatting NetSuite allows a young company like Urban626 to keep track of every aspect of its innovative scooter design as they move from ideation to production to transaction. URB-E made the switch to NetSuite at a critical point in the company’s growth: with a comfortable system in place for sales at the time, Urban626 knew that it couldn’t get production to match growing customer interest without making a change. NetSuite allows Urban626 to grow with demand, and has facilitated the recent expansion into international markets.

Products of Tomorrow, Today

URB-E’s adoption of NetSuite software is representative of the company's philosophy. The URB-E is lightweight, reliable, and diverse enough to improve countless aspects of a user’s daily life. NetSuite similarly improves inefficient processes while being diverse enough to take on future challenges. NetSuite is the perfect partner to URB-E’s ambitions, which are to grow at scale and provide the product of tomorrow, today. Kimberly Odom, Director of Worldwide Customer Marketing at NetSuite, says this of URB-E:

“NetSuite customers are some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world, and Urban626 is no exception. We are so pleased to work with them to tell about their story and how they leverage NetSuite to solve last-mile transportation problems for growing urban populations worldwide.”

And this sums up the Urban626-NetSuite relationship perfectly. NetSuite is an industry-leader that is shaping the future of management software. Urban626 is an industry leader changing the entire urban transit market. Together, they are making for a more efficient world.  

Check out the product of our collaboration now!

If you would like to learn more about Urban626, check out the URB-E website at www.urb-e.com or give us a call at 626-460-8113. And if you would like to know more about NetSuite, the leading business cloud software, head to their website for more information: www.netsuite.com.