URB-E Wins Bronze at Spark Awards!

Posted by Simon Caballero on

We are pleased and humbled to announce that this past week, URB-E was awarded Bronze by our friends at the Spark Awards! As “the world's most modern design competition”, the Spark awards are a celebration of subversive and revolutionary products; products that are not just designed to fulfill a need, but to change the world around them. This year URB-E was selected from 100's of applicants, and featured alongside BMW and Google as a top innovator of 2016

Since our inception, URB-E has aimed to push the boundaries of transportation. With its compact folding design, and 100% electric drive train, URB-E has forever changed the face of urban commuting. We were selected by the Spark Awards not just for the ingenuity of our design, but for our efforts at leading this transportation revolution.

Every year, URB-E saves its users over 4 days of time that would be spent commuting. URB-E is not just changing the way people move, but the way in which they live their lives. URB-E can bring more time into your life for the things and people that you love, and get rid of everything in between.