URB-E vs. Electric Bike vs. Folding Bike | A Comparison

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Personal Transportation: How Does URB-E Compare?

There are lots of options for getting from A to B, especially in an urban environment. What's easier to take on the metro, a folding bike or an electric one? What's more efficient,  a boosted longboard or a car? When it comes to comparing last mile solutions, it can be tough to know what to take into account. urb-e electric foldable scooter compared to bike and metro To help you while you consider urban transport options, the URB-E team put together this chart comparing URB-E with other popular personal vehicles. You can see how URB-E stacks up against bikes, cars, and personal electric vehicles in terms of size, sustainability, and price. We took into account the most important factors in an urban transport purchase. When you need to get around town, you want your vehicle to be quick, safe, reliable, and convenient. Consequently, the URB-E, which is Made in America and folds easily, has obvious advantages over the alternatives. Folding bikes, cars, and electric bikes are often cumbersome, inefficient, or expensive. We designed URB-E to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient option on the market, and we completed the comparative research to back it up. According to our research, URB-E is the lightest electric vehicle, the most compact folding vehicle, and one of very few vehicles to be entirely made in the USA. The chart speaks for itself! Want to learn more about URB-E? Call us at or email support@urban626.com.