URB-E: The Perfect Scooter for School

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Back to School with URB-E

Whether Elementary School or College, the URB-E can get you off the bus and right to class without breaking a sweat Back to School shopping is a necessity before classes start. Pencils, notebooks and clothes are at the top of everyone's list, but there are other essentials that you should be considering. For example: how easy is your commute to class, and could it be easier?

Getting to School Should be the Easy Part

Whether you're waiting for the bus or sprinting to class, the URB-E is the scooter for school that can radically change your commute. The URB-E can travel 20 miles on a charge and folds to fit in small lockers and under lecture hall seats. We went to USC's 2015 Homecoming and the students could immediately see the potential of the URB-E to change their commute. And if you're a parent frustrated with waiting in long lines to drop your student off or pick them up, the URB-E can help you get your scholar safely to and from school. The URB-E easily fits in a locker or locks up tightly to a bike rack, and comes with a USB charging port so there will be no excuses for a dead phone after school! URB-E folding electric scooter with seat City Edition

 The City edition comes with everything you need!

Learn on the Go

The URB-E basket can hold your backpack, laptop, books, and lunch. With a phone mount and USB cable, you can also listen to music or lectures on your commute without having to dangerously reach into your pocket to change songs or accept calls. You can play an audiobook or podcast to cram for your final without also needing to run to make it to the exam on time. And if you made it to the library or cafe to find that every wall outlet is spoken for, you can plug your phone or tablet into your URB-E and keep studying for hours. That means almost unlimited time flipping through PDFs, catching up on lessons, and surfing the internet without worrying about your battery.

URB-E Helps Commuters Get the College Experience

If you commute to school, "the act of commuting in itself is a prominent feature of commuter students’ college experience." The commute to and from off-campus housing is a key aspect of the college experience, including the cost of gas, finding parking, and dealing with traffic. Imagine either riding through traffic to your destination or getting to the bus/subway on its way to campus with time to spare. And URB-E is the perfect complement to your local metro or bus system. It easily folds to sit with you on the bus and then expands to carry you to your final destination. If you live a couple miles from school or campus then the URB-E gives you invaluable extra minutes that you previously spent walking or waiting on the bus. Just think: if you have to run 20 minutes just to get to class on time, you could instead hit snooze and glide to the door, sweat-free. People who commute to college often worry that they are not getting the full college experience. Worrying about parking at school or at work, traffic, and getting to and from study groups can be a true burden to college commuters. With the URB-E, college commuters can easily ride to school, to work, and back without feeling burdened by unnecessary concerns. urb-e scooter for school

The URB-E Scooter for School

So whether you're struggling to get to class on time, need help getting the most out of your college commuting experience, or want to get your student to school easier, the URB-E is a great tool for people heading back to school. URB-E offers an easy transportation solution for students, URB-E offers special financing options with approved credit, and can fold to fit in the classroom or closet. We build them all in the heart of Pasadena, and you can find out more by calling 626-460-8113, emailing info@urban626.com or clicking below!

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