URB-E: The Cure for Parking Tickets

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Parking tickets have plagued mankind since 700 B.C. (No joke). Since their inception man has had to deal with blissfully returning to their modes of transportation only to be hit with an immediate sense of fear and panic that is guaranteed to throw a wrench in one’s day. That yellow piece of paper, flapping in the wind, peering into the darkest corners of your mind, daring you to have a total meltdown in front of complete strangers on our crowded street. Fear not. For we have solved this centuries old epidemic known as “the parking ticket”. The URB-E foldable electric vehicle makes the act of resentfully paying one’s ticket as archaic as parking tickets themselves. No longer will you have to live in fear, under the ever watchful eye of the meter maid. The URB-E goes where you go. Fold it up and roll it into you favorite local coffee shop, restaurant, or grocery store. Thanks to URB-E we have found the cure for the common citation!