URB-E Rider Spotlight: Norbert

Posted by Simon Caballero on


Loma Linda, CA Day Job: Project Manager and Desktop Services Technician at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Dream URB-E Accessory: Hard travel case (he’s working on building one of his own!) What makes you tick? I'm always looking for products that push humanity towards a greener and more automated lifestyle. I believe that even the smallest effort put into reducing our footprint can add up and create a cultural landslide. The mindset is the most important–when "being green is being cool" truly sets in, I think we'll be on the road to a better future. This is where products like Tesla and the URB-E come in. Making a green lifestyle attractive to the masses. Why do you love URB-E? I've been riding the URB-E to work daily (as the weather permits) and love the efficiency of being able to ride right into the office and store it in my cubicle. Finding fun new routes keeps me in touch with my neighborhood and surroundings, in complete contrast to the boring, half asleep drive to work that used to be my commute. Taking the road rage element out of the equation is an added bonus. Riding has become a joy and I find excuses to take my URB-E wherever I go. It is easy to throw in the trunk on longer trips or bypass the car on shorter trips. I find myself saying "na, I don't need a car to pick up those hardware supplies, I'll take URB-E." What’s your favorite URB-E story? I've had fun taking the URB-E on a couple small trips, the most recent up to Big Bear after a nice snow had just fallen. Sure, snow and ice-covered roads are not what URB-E was designed for, but it was so much better than walking! I got so many looks from passersby! I got a bit wet and muddy, as I would on any bike, but it was a blast. Soon, I’ll be taking a California road trip with my wife and of course the URB-E is coming with. I can't wait to see how it does! Want to be in the spotlight? Email rob@urban626.com with your URB-E story!