URB-E Rider Spotlight: Luke

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Luke Palo Alto, CA

Day Job: Mechanical Engineering Student at Stanford University Dream Accessory: URB-E Speakers!

What makes you tick?

I hope to someday work with green technology, particularly electric vehicles and renewable energy. Other than that, I like playing sports, especially baseball, and hiking in beautiful places. I also play the piano and guitar.

Why do you love URB-E?

URB-E is an awesome way to get around in a more environmentally-friendly way.  It’s really easy to get around campus, especially when I have to go up hills. The Black Label's zippy acceleration is hard to beat and makes the URB-E a lot more fun to ride than bikes and other e-vehicles (even than hoverboards, believe it or not). People get excited about URB-E because it's sustainable and because it's fun–it appeals to everyone.

Where can we find you and your URB-E?

I ride my URB-E everywhere from picking up groceries to going to class. It’s especially useful for going off-campus, since I don’t have to worry about parking, which can take forever in Palo Alto. I just take the URB-E inside with me or lock it to a bike rack outside. I've even taken it on the train into San Francisco, and it was really easy to fold up and carry on. It fit right in between my knees! Want to be in the spotlight? Email rob@urban626.com with your URB-E story!