URB-E Rider Spotlight: Kelly

Posted by Simon Caballero on

kelly rides urb-e foldable electric scooters in miami beach florida

Kelly Miami Beach, FL

Day Job: Retail Store Development Dream Accessory: Digital Warning Bell

What makes you tick?

Even though retail shopping store development may not sound too fascinating, I have been lucky enough to watch the electric vehicle world evolve from every angle. Having installed dozens of charging stations and after hundreds of hours of discussions with planning boards and other retailers about vehicular, pedestrian and bike access, the URB-E immediately jumped out as the answer to so many problems. I also have my own clothing line (in the picture) which is about comfort and sustainability, same as Urb-e.

Why do you love URB-E?

I actually enjoy simple pleasure cruises on my URB-E and find it comfortable to spin around town. I can go anywhere, anytime without the hassle of traffic and parking, which are both major issues where I live. Everyone is fascinated by it, even the youngest child. The URB-E is clearly the way of the future.

Where can we find you and your URB-E?

I take it into restaurants, and they find a place for it no problem. I can carry a bag of groceries from a long way burning clean fuel. I got caught in one of our rain storms once and got home soaked. I was afraid my URB-E was cooked, but I rode it the next day as usual with no problem. Every day is a new discovery of applications and places to go. The collapsible feature has come in handy for throwing it in the trunk and taking it to place too far to ride. I love it!

kelly rides urb-e foldable electric scooter in miami beach floridaWhat’s your coolest URB-E moment?

Heads turn and people literally stop me to ask about it every ride. People from the city parking department asked me about it the other day as a remedy for their rule about not taking up parking while having to cover monitoring huge parking lots!

What does URB-E mean to you?

It has such a super slick design that reminds of when I raced motorcycles, but safer. I feel like I am a part of reducing global problems reduction when I ride, but at the same time I am having a blast. Want to be featured? Email support@urban626.com with your URB-E story.