URB-E Rider Spotlight: Debi

Posted by Simon Caballero on


Debi Portland, OR

Day Job: Residential Real Estate Broker Dream URB-E Accessory: A side cart for my dog to ride in

What makes you tick?

Working in real estate in Portland means I spend a lot of time thinking about close-in city living. This city is all about living a green lifestyle. I live the heart of downtown Portland, where everything is close together. I truly believe this is the city for URB-E, since everyone here cares about about green living and hates traffic.

Why do you love URB-E?

Going 10 blocks in the city would take forever in a car, but URB-E gets me around faster and is definitely more enjoyable to ride. My friend Mark bought one too, and we have a great time riding around Portland. When Mark and I are together, the attention is amazing. We get stopped constantly!

What’s your favorite URB-E story?

One time, I was riding my URB-E and I saw two guys ahead of me coming out of a bakery. They saw my URB-E and came over to say hello. It turns out they happened to know Grant, the URB-E designer!

Debi’s URB-E Hack:

I bought a tow leash for my dog. It’s the type of leash you would attach to a bike, but it goes right onto the URB-E handlebars. It’s extended from the URB-E, so she stays safely away from the wheels. She’s an Australian Shepherd and needs to run several miles every day, but I have bad knees and can’t run that far. Now we go out together and she can get her exercise! Want to be in the spotlight? Email support@urban626.com with your URB-E story!