URB-E Pro NOW Shipping!

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E Pro and URB-E Pro GT Begin Shipping Today, January 4 2017! Looking to order the all new URB-E Sport and URB-E Sport GT? Read more about and order URB-E Sport here. You can compare all of our models here. The URB-E Pro and URB-E Pro GT, URBAN626’s most powerful personal transportation vehicle yet, will be available for order and shipping beginning January 4 for customers in America as well as 62 other countries. Ride with confidence over wet grass, uneven pavement, loose gravel and dirt. URB-E Pro’s all-terrain control and higher top speed is perfect for the more rugged commute. Its rear mounted 250-watt brushless geared motor and 10” pneumatic tires provide dependable traction. Built on our multiple award winning chassis, URB-E Pro comes with carbon fiber handlebars, an American produced 6061 aircraft grade extruded aluminum frame, and an integrated shock suspension system. Designed for the adventurous rider who wants maximum acceleration and speed across all terrains, URB-E Pro GT is our most powerful URB-E. Dynamic responsiveness and unparalleled torque make URB-E Pro GT a thrill to ride; an exciting adrenaline rush every time. URB-E Pro is available in gunmetal grey and arctic white, and URB-E Pro GT is available in exclusive colors stealth black and guards red. URB-E PRO retails for $1699, and URB-E PRO GT is $1999. Customers can order URB-E Pro and URB-E Pro GT either online at www.urb-e.com, amazon.com, by calling 626-460-8113, or through the URB-E Flagship Showroom located at 54 W Green Street in Pasadena, California. Everyone can try out the URB-E Pro in Pasadena. Customers with approved credit can finance the URB-E of their choice at www.urb-e.com/financing. Committed to the use of high quality materials such as American aircraft grade aluminum, the URB-E Sport is designed to utilize California’s hi-tech and efficient manufacturing processes.  This results in incredibly competitive prices while still maintaining a high standard of outstanding American quality. Order your URB-E Pro or URB-E Pro GT, and receive it via our FREE FedEx shipping in the continental USA, or via expedited FedEx shipping to Hawaii and 62 countries around-the-world.