URB-E on FOX News: Could new electric bike help with commuter hassle?

Posted by Simon Caballero on

"Within 10 years 70% of the world population will work in cities." – Douglas Kennedy, FOX News

See how URB-E solves the last-mile commute hassle for NYC commuters.

See how URB-E solves the last-mile commute hassle for NYC commuters.

The URB-E is leading the way in a super-quiet, super-light electric scooter revolution.

Millions of commuters have to travel over a mile to get to public transportation. Rushing around and getting sweaty when trying to catch a train or bus, only to repeat the process when the destination is reached is making traveling to and from work a hassle—and expensive. URB-E inventor Grant Delgatty shows off the URB-E to Douglas Kennedy and explains how the URB-E rechargeable electric vehicle is specifically designed to take commuters the last mile to home or to work.