URB-E on Amazon Launchpad | A Startup Success Story

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Amazon Launchpad page for URB-E electric folding scooters in Pasadena

Amazon Launchpad and URB-E

URB-E's official Amazon Launchpad page has been up for almost three months, and we have been blown away by its success. Amazon Launchpad went live in July, 2015 as a service to increase startups' visibility and reach by featuring their products and origin stories on the Amazon website. URB-E met Sateesh Srinivasan, Head of Amazon Launchpad, the following January, and Sateesh convinced us to join the site as a flagship product. Joining Amazon Launchpad has been integral to URB-E's expansion over the past months. According to Peter Lee, CEO and co-founder of URBAN626,
"Sateesh Srinivasan and his team at Amazon Launchpad champion the efforts of innovative startups like URB-E to sell and ship to the global market. Amazon Launchpad has introduced the world's most compact foldable electric scooter to millions of customers all over the world."

A Platform for Growth

As an authority in top-tier marketing and distribution, Amazon Launchpad provides a platform for young startups to tell their stories and expand their audiences. In URB-E's case, this story is about finding a solution the the “last mile” problem of urban commuting. With a 20-mile range and a foldable, portable design, URB-E enables riders commute more cheaply, more efficiently, and more healthily. We design, manufacture, and assemble all our vehicles right here in Southern California. Launchpad's expanded format helps us tell that story in a compelling way on a global stage. URB-E foldable electric scooters Assembly made in america As a small company on a mission, the ability to showcase our passion is one of our greatest strengths. We are more than just a product; we're a group of people dedicated to creating sustainable and beautiful products that solve problems for millions of people. Launchpad lets us keep that human element on our page. It brings Amazon's online warehouse right into customers' neighborhoods, since a neighborhood is literally where URBAN626 was born and continues to grow.

A Community Forum

Couple chatting on URB-E electric scooters in Pasadena, CA 91106 Amazon Launchpad also showcases customer reviews and customer interaction, which has helped URB-E build its online community. We have always envisioned URB-E as a product by people, for people, and meant to be used in a group. URB-E gets rave reviews from customers in our store, but launchpad gives them the ability to share their experiences online. As one Amazon customer wrote,
“Little did I know when I purchased URB-E–for what I thought was a temporary solution–that it would it turn into my main mode of transportation. Instead of hassling with driving my car, dealing with finding parking, getting parking tickets from campus police, and wasting a lot of time, I simply jump on URB-E (grab a coffee at Peet’s) and ride straight to my office.”
On Launchpad, customers can also answer each other's questions. At the time of this article, 65 questions have been posed and responded to on URB-E's page. Watching current riders and potential riders interact gives us insight into the priorities and concerns of our customers, but even better, it builds the URB-E community worldwide. For a young company that foundation is essential for us to grow sustainably.

A Launchpad for the Future

amazon launchpad page for urb-e foldable electric scooters founders Without doubt, URBAN626's growth has been accelerated by Amazon Launchpad's services. The detail with which Launchpad nurtures startups and promotes their values is incredibly impressive, bringing a human element to a large and sometimes overwhelmingly global company. One of the services Amazon offers us is the ability to advertise our product on their website. We can spend money on Amazon campaigns in which Amazon presents URB-E to customers it feels will have an interest in URB-E. In turn, Amazon helps us expand URB-E visibility and we compensate them by participating in their advertising service. URB-E electric scooter customer reviews on Amazon Launchpad For example, Amazon Launchpad honors our URBAN626's commitment to environmental and financial sustainability by allowing customers to finance URB-Es purchased from their platform, just as we do with Wells Fargo financing on our site. The visibility we have received on Amazon Launchpad has extended into all areas of our business. URBAN626 recently opened a new retail showroom in Pasadena that attracts visitors from around the world. Customers who purchase and URB-E on Amazon turn to our website to purchase accessories such as baskets and phone mounts, and ask to technical questions. URB-E Retail Showroom pasadena 91106 Our increased visibility has helped us build business partnerships, as well. We recently began a partnership with the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, which rents URB-Es to guests to ride in Santa Monica. 
At Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows we provide cutting-edge offers that give guests unique ways to experience our destination. URB-E’s do just that! The URB-E is a fun, safe, hassle free and eco-conscious mode of transportation that guests love. We have greatly enjoyed our partnership with URB-E and highly recommend it to others. -Matthew Lehman, General Manager Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows
At URBAN626, we pride ourselves on designing creative, high quality solutions to transportation problems. With Launchpad to help us broadcast our message, we have been able grow our business by focusing on what we do best. We're incredibly grateful for our relationship with Amazon Launchpad, and we look forward to seeing what our future together has in store. Questions about Amazon Launchpad or URB-E? Call us at or email support@urban626.com.