URB-E Nominated for a 2016 Edison Award!

Posted by Simon Caballero on

We’re thrilled to announce that URB-E foldable electric scooter was named a finalist for a 2016 Edison Award!

Edison Awards logo The Edison Awards honor innovative products, services, and designs that exemplify the ideals of Thomas A. Edison, American inventor. In case you’ve forgotten your 8th grade science class, Thomas Edison came up with a few important things like electric lights, the phonograph, recording telephones and molds for pouring concrete. All told, Edison was awarded 1,093 U.S. patents and 1,239 international ones. URB-E has four patents, but hey, we’re getting there! The Edison Awards are particularly exciting for us because of the impressive company we’re keeping. Previous award winners include the Chevrolet Volt, the Apple iPhone, and the Nissan LEAF. Disney, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft have also won Edison Awards. So, yeah, we’re feeling pretty special. The best part of being nominated, though, is what the award represents. The criteria focus on four pillars of innovation: Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact. Concept means that the product or service should think outside the box to fill an existing need. This is the basis of what we do at URB-E–we’re solving the last mile problem and challenging the standards of green transportation, and we definitely hate thinking in boxes. The Edison Awards also look at a product’s value, especially in terms of how it stands out from other, similar services. Again, pretty sure URB-E has this covered–there’s nothing quite as compact, versatile, and high quality in the world of personal mobility. Just try fitting an electric bike in the trunk of an Uber and get back to us. Delivery is how we communicate with you, our customers and fans. This is one of the things URB-E has worked on the hardest. Not only have we launched our online and retail stores, but we’re also reaching out to our community like never before. We host local URB-E rides and meetups, we work with public transit authorities, and we’re starting a monthly newsletter to keep our community up-to-date on the latest in urban sustainability. We’re doing everything we can to extend URB-E’s transportation community as far as possible The final category for the Edison Awards is impact. This is our favorite part. We honestly believe that URB-E is more than a fun scooter. It’s a vehicle for bringing sustainable transportation into the public eye, a vehicle for increasing freedom and mobility in urban centers everywhere, and an example of how small-scale innovation can revolutionize an entire industry. Maybe we’re getting a little carried away, but it’s recognition like this that reminds us why we come to work every day. Hopefully Thomas Edison would be proud!   Take a look at our nomination and the other award nominees here: http://www.edisonawards.com/nomineegallery.php