URB-E Introduces New Accessories

Posted by Simon Caballero on

We're proud to announce that URB-E is now selling products from two American-based innovation companies: Spurcycle and RydeSafe. These products are accessories aimed at increasing the safety of riders who use alternative, eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as a bicycle, or an URB-E!


Spurcycle is a San Francisco based company that was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Spurcycle creates bells that have a sound duration that is 3 times longer than normal bells, and are made of premium brass and stainless steel. Like URB-E, Spurcycle is also a Made in USA product, and we're incredibly excited for URB-E owners to get their hands on this amazing product that increases rider safety. Spurcycle bell has a life-long guarantee and also  


RydeSafe is a Brooklyn based company that was also funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and produces a reflective decal that can be attached onto any vehicle. It is made out of ,,, the same material that is used for ambulances across the nation.   Both products are easy to install and   We are proud to announce our partnership with San Francisco based company, Spurcycle, and Brooklyn based company, RydeSafe. Spurcycle was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and creates bells that ring 3 times longer than other bells. Spurcycle bells are Made in the USA (just like URB-Es) and are made out of premium brass and stainless steel. RydeSafe is a reflective decal that helps vehicles become more visible on the road. It also started through a Kickstarter Campaign and aims to help keep cyclists around the road to be safe at night. Both products are incredibly easy to install, and increases the safety of URB-E riders and the public. We are incredibly proud to be selling products from both these innovative companies as they are a part of a global mission to use alternative, eco-friendly modes of transportation in the safest ways possible. Check out the photos below to see the produc       Interested in purchasing these accessories? Check out our shop page under accessories, or click here to find more information.