URB-E Folding Electric Scooter Solves Dubai Parking

Posted by Simon Caballero on

The URB-E Solves Dubai Parking

Dubai has seen an incredible burst of activity over the past few decades. Over the past 40 years, Dubai has transformed into one of the world’s wealthiest cities. And with that wealth has come an influx of people. And an influx of people to a city ultimately leads to an influx of traffic. How do you contend with Dubai parking? One of the cities of Dubai has seen incredible trouble from parking scarcity. Residents of the International City have struggled mightily with parking trouble. They often have to pay hefty fines for illegal parking if they arrive home later into the evening. The URB-E is built by hand in Pasadena, California, and is the solution to parking problems worldwide. For getting around anywhere from Los Angeles to Dubai, the URB-E increases mobility, reduces emissions, and introduces fun to people's daily commute.

URB-E and Burj Khalifa- Modern Marvels

The URB-E fits in perfectly in the Dubai skyline. Standing in front of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, you get a vision of the capabilities of technology to continue advancing through time. Burj Khalifa required an understanding of its environment and audience to create a building that met the needs of Dubai workers and citizens. The building is an architectural marvel, that makes incredible design feel simple. The URB-E was conceived and built with an understanding of what is needed to solve urban transport problems worldwide. With a single-motion opening and closing mechanism, the URB-E transforms from the size of a golf bag to a vehicle that can comfortably carry you 20 miles on a single charge. The URB-E is built entirely with premium parts, from carbon fiber to aircraft-grade aluminum. It required years of planning to properly execute, and the final result is a patented product with worldwide influence.


The URB-E Gets you Around Dubai

For shopping in Dubai, you also run into problems parking and getting food to your car. The URB-E is the perfect complement to a grocery shopper. And URB-E doesn't make shopping and urban transport easier only in Dubai and America: we now ship to more than 60 countries worldwide! So head to our shop today, where you can order your URB-E in any of more than 60 countries around the world. And if you have any questions about using the URB-E in your city, make sure to email us at info@urban626.com, call us at 1(626)460-8113, or visit our Pasadena headquarters.