URB-E Electric Scooter Lightens the Load of Portable Transportation

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Today’s answer to the urban commute, the URB-E foldable electric scooter weighs in at an amazingly light 35 pounds, but a lot of heavy thought went into lightening the load of its innovative, portable design. This revolutionary, affordable alternative to cars, buses, bikes, and walking is designed to make your life easier, so naturally the URB-E team wanted to make it light enough to lift without being a burden on your back. “Compactness and lightness were our main focus to the development of the URB-E,” says Chief Technology Officer, Sven Etzelsberger. The light, portable design is a necessity since URB-E owners often need to lift it in order to place it in a car trunk, carry it up a flight of stairs, or bring it on the train or bus. After all, what good is having your personal, portable mode of transportation if it’s too cumbersome to take along for the ride? URB-E electric scooter lightweight frame

A lot of consideration went into developing the URB-E electric scooter.

“We spent a lot of effort optimizing the frame structure with design principles from the world of high-end sports cars,” continues Etzelsberger. “We've chosen large tube sections with thin walls as they have superior strength-to-weight ratios and then proceeded to remove any material that doesn't contribute to the strength.” Since the corners of the tube sections bear the majority of the weight, the team was able to remove much of the remaining areas of the structure in order to make it lighter, yet at the same time keeping its strength and stability. The outcome of this effort was a very strong, yet lightweight, frame that makes up less than half the weight of the scooter. After using a computer-aided technique known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the structure and the frame of the portable scooter was complete, the URB-E team contracted an independent laboratory to test its strength and durability. This was done by strapping it to a machine that repeatedly replicated pressures the scooter would endure during day-to-day use. When the URB-E passed all of the tests with flying colors, the team knew they had created a light scooter that was strong, structurally reliable, and ready to hit the road. Keep checking back to find out more about how the URB-E foldable electric scooter can make your life more mobile.

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