URB-E Electric Scooter in American Airlines Magazine

Posted by Simon Caballero on

American Airlines Logo American Airlines magazine American Way wrote an article about how URB-E, the foldable electric scooter, is solving the pain points of transportation and is the pioneer in the micro transportation industry. URB-E is the inexpensive solution for short city commutes. Gone are the days of driving a car to go to the grocery store. Any short city commutes can be handled with URB-E. The URB-E Sport can go 16 miles per charge and 14 miles per hour. It also has racecar-inspired push rod suspension and is powered by the Eddy a battery that can simultaneously charge 4 USB devices as well as a USB-C device. The URB-E Pro can go 20 miles per charge and 18 miles per hour. It has 10" pneumatic tires to handle more rugged commutes and an advanced coil over shock suspension. American Way URB-E Article