URB-E Electric Scooter for Adults Can Save You 5 Days this Year

Posted by Simon Caballero on

What would you do with an extra 5 ½ days a year?

Adults have less time then ever to themselves. Especially in America, where year over year employed people spend more and more time at work. As a result, working adults need to take advantage of their free time, since they have less of it each year. The URB-E electric scooter for adults saves our average rider 15 minutes each way on their daily commute. That equals 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes a day adds up to 2 ½ hours a week. 2 ½ hours a week becomes 130 hours a year. And 130 hours a year is almost 5 and a half days. What could you do with an extra 5 ½ days this year? We thought about this, and a couple of ideas came to mind:   These are just some of the ideas for what people could do with the time saved by turning to URB-E for their micro-mile needs. There are far less grand, but no less great options for using this time. 30 minutes is 6 snooze cycles on your alarm clock every day. 2 ½ hours is a movie or dinner with friends and family that you wouldn’t have had. 10 hours a month? That’s enough time to learn tennis, or pick up an instrument, or gain a new skill to impress your boss. So why would you wait? You could be literally throwing away 30 minutes every day. Find out more about our different vehicles, including the City Edition URB-E electric scooter for adults, which is perfect for helping people navigate the city. You can also email the team at info@urban626.com, or call us at 626-460-8113.