URB-E E Scooters Approved on OCTA

Posted by Simon Caballero on

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URB-E e scooters approved by the OCTA

URB-E e scooters have been approved by the OCTA to be taken on their busses. "In an effort to facilitate commuter’s 'first and last mile' to their destination, OCTA has authorized transport of the URB-E Foldable Electric Vehicles on OCTA buses." URB-E e scooters are already approved for use on the Metrolink and LA Metro. Now you'll be able to travel up and down Southern California and use your URB-E e scooter as the ultimate last mile vehicle to get to your destination. Did you also know that our URB-E Sport Series are also approved to take on airlines?? sport_wh-fold-V3 Our URB-E Sport Series folds so small that you can bring it  with you as a carry-on. Equipped with two leather carrying straps for seamless portability, URB-E Sport has an efficient, quick folding design that enables it to fold in half a second and go everywhere you go. URB-E Sport weighs only 30lbs, has a range of up to 16 miles and a top speed of 14mph. Our Sport Series e scooter starts at $899. Check them out in our store here! Have any questions on any of our e scooters? Hit up our Live Chat feature on the bottom right, send an email to olivia@urban626.com or contact us at (626) 460-8113