URB-E Conquers the Micro-mile: Live Life Untethered

Posted by Simon Caballero on

The way that people live their lives is rapidly changing. As Urban population density continues to increase, and traditional car based commuting becomes outmoded, a new form of transportation is needed. While cities around the world are working diligently to improve their public transportation infrastructure, and ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber are attempting to tackle the carless life style, all of them fall short in one key area; their reach. None of these services offer a solution for the first and last mile; the distance that commuters must travel to access these alternatives to car based transportation. Without a way to bridge this gap, many commuters are unable to take advantage of a carless, 21st century approach to urban commuting. The Los Angeles times highlights the need for first and last mile transportation as the key pain point that must be addressed in urban areas as the 21st century progresses. NPR has deemed finding the solution to this problem as the "Holy Grail" of modern transportation development, a role which URB-E is more than ready to fill.With a range of 20 miles, and weighing only 35lbs, URB-E gets you to, from, on and off any train, bus or ride sharing with unparalleled ease. Designed to conquer the first and last mile between urban forms of transportation, URB-E is the ultimate transportation companion for modern urban living. However, URB-E is much more than a companion, it is an outright replacement for other forms of transportation.

None of these services offer an economical solution to the micro-mile, the short hops between city blocks. On the surface this may seem like a trivial distance, but in the rapidly changing world we live in, nothing could be further from the truth. With time becoming more and more valuable every day, these small distances quickly add up, taking minutes from your day, and days from your year. URB-E is the ultimate solution for the micro-mile problem.


Users on average save over 4 days and 5000 dollars per year by cutting out the micro-mile from their day to day routine. No more scrambling to get to your favorite lunch spot before your break is over. No more carrying bags to and from your local grocery store. No more scrambling back to the car to feed another quarter to the meter. URB-E allows you to live your life untethered from the micro-mile.

With its compact folding design, 20 mile range, and 15mph top speed URB-E is the ultimate tool to help you achieve complete urban freedom.