URB-E Comes to Venice!

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In Search of the Perfect Beach Day

It's your day off, and you've waited all week for this moment. The sun is shining, hot but not too hot, windy but not too windy. So you pack up your supplies for the perfect beach day, and hop on the I-10, bound for paradise. Of course, there's a catch, there's always a catch. Every other person in the city seems to have had the same thought as you, and in a split second, what seemed like the perfect weekend outing turns into a traffic jam that makes a parking lot look fast by comparison. And, to make matters worse, once the seemingly endless sea of traffic finally thins, you are left roaming for just as long in search of that elusive Venice Beach or Santa Monica parking space. With an hour of parking costing more than the gas that got you there, your wallet is left hurting from the one two punch of driving in Los Angeles.

Finding other options for getting around doesn't have to be a sacrifice???? #opportunity #lifestyle #

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URB-E: Your Key to the City

With URB-E, your dream weekend doesn't have to become a traffic nightmare. At just 35 pounds, the lightest electric foldable scooter in the world, URB-E is the perfect compliment for our friends at the Los Angeles Metro, helping you avoid Venice and Santa Monica beach traffic. With over 7 different lines running straight to the beach, a metro ticket to paradise is just an URB-E ride away.

What's more, URB-E is the perfect tool for finding the perfect spot on the beach once you get there, traversing Santa Monica and Venice's legendary bike paths like nothing else.

Introducing Casey Day!

And now, creating that perfect beach day is easier than ever before, with help from our new Santa Monica and Venice manager, Casey! Armed with an with an URB-E and a can do attitude, Casey is the man to see if you are looking to revolutionize your commute, on and off the beach. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the URB-E and fully stocked with all of our models and accessories, Casey can meet your every need.


You've spent all week at work, spend your day off at the beach not driving to it!