URB-E Announces 2015 Holiday Contest Winners!

Posted by Simon Caballero on

This December, we hosted our first URB-E social media contest to win a free URB-E electric scooter! The rules were simple: post a photo or video on Facebook or Instagram tagging @urberides and #myurbe, incorporate URB-E into the post, and be as creative as possible. We had high hopes, but the incredible content our followers put together blew us away–it was amazing to see the passion and excitement people feel about the URB-E electric scooter all around the world! Plus, the quality of all the photos and videos was top-notch (just like an URB-E, amirite?). Who knew URB-E fans were so talented? We couldn’t keep all this impressive content to ourselves, so we’re sharing our favorite submissions with you. Stay tuned for more URB-E contests and giveaways! We can’t wait to see what you create!

First Prize: RIO Media “URB-E Wars”

Our friends over at RIO Media borrowed an URB-E to film this incredible video, which uses complete Star Wars costumes and actual CGI. We loved the creative storyline of their submission. If you don’t have a full studio on your hands, though, never fear! We love getting both low- and high-tech contest content. What matters most is your excitement about URB-E!

Second Prize: Justin Gillet “URB-E Trick Video”

Justin blew us away with his enthusiasm–he made three separate videos for the competition! Justin’s quirky character and editing definitely made us laugh, but we especially liked creative way he described the URB-E’s stats in his final video. Justin won $500 in URB-E store credit. Justin-Gillett

Third Prize: Tallulah James "URB-E is My Best Friend"

Tallulah had one of the most creative submissions of the contest. We love the way she brought her own personality to the video and showed off what having an URB-E would mean to her. Tallulah won $200 in URB-E store credit. We wish we could have had more winners, but that will have to wait until next time. For now, check out some of our other submissions below and get inspired to join the URB-E revolution! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Honorable Mention:

Grant Mcallister "An URB-E Christmas" Audrey H. “The Real Reason the Tortoise Won the Race” Sarah X. Chen “Running Late? Wish We Had an URB-E!”