URB-E and San Francisco: The Perfect Pair

Posted by Simon Caballero on

While URB-E is Southern California born and bred, its usefulness and ability to reinvent the way people live their lives is universal. It's no surprise then, that our neighbors to the north in San Francisco have taken to using URB-E to revolutionize their commute. As a hot bed of technological innovation and ingenuity, San Francisco is the perfect proving ground for URB-E's time saving and life changing abilities. Precision Engineered For The Steepest Challenges When folks hear San Francisco, two things come to mind; The Golden Gate Bridge, and hills. The natural progression of this train of thought then is how can something as small as URB-E handle hills. The answer is with aplomb! Thanks to our innovative engineering and design stemming from the supercar industry, URB-E punches far above it's weight class. With a state of the art Lithium Ion battery, and powerful geared motor, URB-E can tackle any slope that San Francisco can throw at it. Time Saving and Life Changing URB-E is the perfect companion for using BART, The Muni and ride sharing to get around town. Folding in one second flat and weighing in at only 35lbs, URB-E is the world's most compact foldable electric vehicle. As such, it can be ridden to and taken on and off any train, trolley, ferry, car or bus with next to no effort, saving you time, money, and stress. When you get to your destination; be it home, office or grocery store, the URB-E can be brought inside and stowed with minimal effort, or even used as a shopping cart to complement your visit. Traveling from the Financial District to the Mission during rush hour can take up to 45 minutes. With URB-E and BART, that same trip can take you 8 minutes for a $1.95! If you're looking to get some shopping done in Union Square, URB-E has you covered. With its attachable basket you can carry 25 lbs without breaking a sweat. And when you've shopped until you're about to drop, URB-E can fit in the back of any Uber and Lyft along with room to spare for your purchases. A morning commute from Oakland to San Francisco on I-80 over the Bay Bridge can take up to an hour of sitting in stop and go traffic. With an URB-E and a quick train ride, this same commute can be done in 20 minutes, for $3.65 in fares. URB-E users worldwide save an average of 32 minutes per day, adding up to over 4 days per year. No matter who you are, URB-E can your life for the better!