URB-E and Haas: The Perfect Match

Posted by Simon Caballero on

From start to finish, the URB-E is truly the definition of SoCal ingenuity. When Grant Delgatty first created URB-E , two things were clear. One, this vehicle had the potential to change the way that urban commuters across the world live. Two, if URB-E was to truly live up to its massive potential, there was only one place for us to build it and one machine to use: right here in Southern California on Haas Automation Mills.


We are so committed to innovation in Southern California, this past week we had our very own Haas Automation MiniMill delivered to our headquarters in Pasadena. Nestled in the corner of our prototyping lab, the MiniMill is a scaled down version of the same machines every URB-E frame is made on. Haas technology has allowed us to precision engineer URB-E for maximum strength and minimum weight, in a way that would not be possible any where else but SoCal.


Precision engineering of course would be nothing without high quality materials to use it on. Sourced from Sapa and Kaiser Aluminum, all of the aluminum used in our products is of aerospace quality and made right here in Southern California.img_6366

With our new Haas MiniMill, we can now rapidly prototype in the very same aircraft grade 6061 aluminum that every URB-E is made of. A process that would have taken us 6 weeks before the mill, prototyping can now be completed in less than one, allowing us to repeatedly iterate and innovate at a lightening pace. The Haas MiniMill ensures that every URB-E leaving our assembly line is the standard of perfection in personal electric vehicles.

Visit us today and see how the URB-E is made in America from start to finish!