The Verge: This electric scooter is the ultimate hipster dad chariot

Posted by Simon Caballero on

"The URB-E is a great alternative when a bike won’t do but you don’t want to upgrade to a Vespa or a full-on motorcycle, which are more expensive, have more overhead, and can’t be carried around. The range, handling, and flexibility are something I am really going to appreciate on my frequent treks to Manhattan’s financial district. I can reach that area by subway or ferry, but not without a 15- to 20-minute walk on both ends the ride — the "last mile" that makes urban commuting so frustrating. With the URB-E, I can accomplish the entire trip in 20 minutes, iced coffee in hand, phone fully charged, not breaking a sweat."

– Ben Popper from The Verge uses the URB-E to commute

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