The URB-E Battery: Safe Reliable Commuting Without Concern

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Here at URB-E our goal is simple; we want to improve our customer's lives. This means getting them where they need to go in a way that's fun, quick, inexpensive, and above all else, safe. Every product that we make is precision engineered for maximum durability, user friendliness and safety. Since all of our design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly is done here in Southern California, we can ensure that every single one of the nearly 200 parts that make up an URB-E meet our exacting standards.

This obsession with quality and safety extends beyond the mechanical design of the URB-E to the electronics that power it. Utilizing state of the art Lithium Ion technology we have created the ultimate battery for the ultimate foldable electric vehicle. The URB-E battery has a minimal break in period, does not develop diminished capacity if not charged from empty, and are rated for up to 500 worry free complete charge cycles (approximately 10,000 miles).


What's more, each and every battery is equipped with our Smart Battery Monitoring system. This system constantly monitors the battery's internal temperature and voltage. If these ever exceed safe operating levels, the battery will immediately shut off, protecting both its internal components, and more importantly, the rider, from any harm. So comprehensive have our efforts been at ensuring battery safety, that URB-E has been officially endorsed and approved by the Los Angeles Mass Transit Authority for use on all public transport.

The URB-E is the best way to get you where you're going quickly, safely and worry free.