The Most User-Friendly Electric Scooters

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E is an electric folding scooter that is gaining a lot of hype these days. It is the most compact electric scooter in the market which is why users are loving it so much.

Making life easier

It is a great device for commute from one place to another. You can use it to the nearest train station or make a quick trip to the grocery store. The compact electric scooter is highly useful for everyone, from working adults to students to housewives!

Foldable All urb-e scooters are foldable. They fold down to a small piece that can be carried around easily. If you’re worried about commute for the first and last miles to and from a train or bus station, you wouldn’t have a thing to worry about with urb-e. You can comfortably ride the scooter and then fold it to be carried in one hand. You can place the folded scooter between your legs. It won’t give you a hard time at all. Since it is lightweight, you can carry it with you on your grocery trips too. If you’re going to school or college, it will fold and stay with you without causing any inconvenience. It can be slid under the desk too. Folding and unfolding isn’t hard at all. It can be done within a few seconds only.

Light and compact

The electric folding scooter is very light weight. The exact weight differs from model to model but overall, it has been designed in a way to allow easy use. The lead engineer from Porsche has designed the urb-e scooters in a smart way. The unique design allows maximum features in the most affordable price range while being light in weight. The compact design offers smart facilities such as a charging port. With all these qualities, it is also highly comfortable, secure, and easy to ride. It is designed with a low center of gravity to allow maximum curves and turns while being secure. The compactly designed scooter can also be customized. If you want, you can add a bell, Bluetooth speaker or other features in your scooter.

Multi model

You have the opportunity to choose from multiple types of vehicles. You can utilize the goodness of the vehicle along with additional features, depending on the model you get. The basic urb-e model is the most affordable electric folding scooter. On the other hand, sports models are perfect for people who want something strong and sturdy. This electric folding scooter is comfortable as well as powerful. Speed lovers will love the pro urb-e. It is slightly heavier in  but also offers up to 18mph speed. This compact electric scooter version can let you ride over wet roads, grass, and even the most bumpiest paths. The pro GT is an even better version with more features. You can see reviews from current urb-e users to confirm that this electric folding scooter is no joke. It is definitely a compact electric scooter worth every penny!