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The Last Mile: A Commuting Nightmare

Commuting is tough, and we’ve all been there. It’s the end of the day, you're tired and leaving work late, and all you want to do is make dinner and fall immediately into bed. Whether you're walking to that far-away parking garage or you live a couple miles away from that metro stop, there always seems to be one leg of the journey that feels absolutely interminable. This is referred to as the “last mile” problem, or the difficulty of traveling the last leg between a transportation hub and your final destination. These in-between distances are too long to walk efficiently and too short to justify taking a car. As more and more of the population moves to urban areas, American public transit ridership is at its highest in 57 years. This is great news for the planet, especially considering the role sustainable commuting plays in decreasing global carbon emissions. But it also means that we need new and better last mile solutions that are adapted to the challenges of modern urban life.

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Solving the Last Mile

Any good last mile solution needs to be versatile enough to fit different types of multi-modal commutes. Sometimes the last mile is to and from the train or bus station, sometimes it's the blocks from the parking garage to the office, sometimes it's simply the distance between your building and the one where your carpool buddy works. It's important for a last mile vehicle to be compact and lightweight enough to take seamlessly on and off other forms of transportation. If your commute includes a crowded bus or train, for example, anything heavy or bulky becomes a huge hassle. Last mile vehicles should also be adaptable if the weather turns unpleasant or if after-work drinks run late, which often means fitting into the trunk of an Uber or a cab. In this day and age, urban transportation needs to be eco-friendly, as well. Finding a vehicle that fits all these needs is challenging. Traditional bikes can crowd trains and buses (and rarely fit into car trunks). E-bikes and mopeds are too heavy to carry around, and hoverboards, well, no one wants their feet to explode. The last mile challenge is what we and URBAN626 set out to solve, and our solution was URB-E, the world's most compact, foldable electric vehicle.

URB-E: The Vehicle of the Future

Couple sits on URB-E foldable electric scooters on an LA Metro Platform in Pasadena California 91106 URB-E weighs 35 lbs, goes 15 mph, and folds up to the size of a golf bag. No other vehicle satisfies the needs of the modern commuter as comprehensively. URB-E is lightweight enough to carry onto the train or bus, fits conveniently in a car trunk or the corner of an office, and it unfolds in barely a second, making the last mile problem a non-issue. Plus, URB-E supports green commuting by being 100% electric. If you're looking for a solution to make your commute greener, easier, and more enjoyable, give URB-E a call at  or explore our URB-E collection. We can't wait to help you take back your commute and revolutionize the way you get from A to B. URB-E commuting NYC