The Energy Saver: URB-E Trip Report by Alejandro Sangiovanni

Posted by Simon Caballero on

"Hill Crushing Energy Saver" - URB-E Trip Report by URB-E Sales Manager Alejandro (Alex) Sangiovanni.URB-E Saves Time on Commuting The Commute: 5.2 miles downhill to work, 5.2 miles uphill home. 18% grade hill. The Rider: 195lbs, 6 feet exactly, and extremely fit. Alejandro (AKA Alex) got into a car accident last week. With a 5.2 mile commute, he was without his car and analyzing options: URB-E, bicycle, bus, rideshare, or borrow a friend’s car. This serendipitous event enabled Alex to re-think his commute and evaluate the best option that helped him save time, money, and avoid headaches. URB-E Pro GT: Setting a baseline for comparison with the URB-E, Alex flew to and from work. 16 minutes downhill, 30 minutes uphill, this commute was seriously easy. With financing in place at $2/day URB-E Pro GT was cheap and fast. Bicycle: On a bicycle, the commute took 20 minutes to work, and 40 minutes home, and left him quite sweaty both ways (even though Alex is a serious athlete). While going downhill was fun, Alex dreaded the ride home. Alex also felt a heavier mountain bike took longer to get to top speed, and URB-E Pro GT’s torque provided instant takeoff at traffic lights, reaching top speed a right away, and helped it achieve faster speeds to and from work. Bus: Bus Route 267 brings Alex directly to the office in Pasadena. 55 minutes both ways and $78/month meant the bus took longer and cost more than the URB-E. Rideshare (Uber/Lyft): The same amount of time as driving (plus 4 minutes on each end waiting for the car to arrive) meant the commute was 24 minutes each way. $20 roundtrip. Even though $10 for 5.2 miles is far cheaper than a taxi, at $480/month this was more expensive than owning a car. Car: Alex drives a 2009 Honda V6 Accord EX-L. Gas and insurance, when broken down to a daily expense, is $11.85/day commuting to work. Parking is $80/month. Driving his own car cost Alex $364/month. Cheaper than rideshare, this was still much more than Alex realized and far more expensive than owning an URB-E. The Conclusion: URB-E Pro GT is by far the fastest commuting option, especially when a hill is involved. It’s also surprisingly cheaper than taking the bus. And if Alex stopped driving to work, he’d save around $300/month! And guess what – Alex now rides his URB-E Pro GT to and from work each day. Want us to do the math and help you save time and money on your commute? Shoot Alejandro an e-mail at and he’ll help you crunch the numbers!