The Best Electric Scooter for Adults Changed my Life

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E Lifestyle It’s been a month since I’ve bought this URB-E Pro GT and it has changed my life. I was never a fan of bikes and skateboards because I think they lack professionalism at work. Being an associate at a law firm, I need to look my best and be the most efficient I can possibly be. My life is fast paced and I am always looking for new ways to make my days easier. Prior to buying my URB-E, here was my situation: I lived 2.5 miles away from work and the practicality of buying a car for travel just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a huge investment and waste of my money for the distance. I started to turn my eyes to this commuter scooter. If it weren’t for my friend Dave, I would’ve knew that such a company even existed. When I was doing my research, what really sold me on the URB-E, aside from my commuting needs, was the community and information available on the internet to solidify my decision. Teek guided me through the process and really showed me how practical a Pro GT is for my life. It’s the absolute best. It takes me approximately 10 minutes to get to work. The California sun can make me sweat through my suits when I used to bike, thankfully my URB-E helps me avoid such an embarrassment around my bosses and co-workers. Instead of parking it outside with a lock, I can just fold and stroll my Pro GT up the elevator and park it right next to my desk because its size doesn’t intrude any of my coworkers’ space. On beautiful days, taking my URB-E out to the grocery store or just riding around the streets for pure enjoyment can be the most relaxing part of my day. It clears my mind. There’s plenty of forms of urban mobility, but eliminating the car and looking for other alternatives like the URB-E, the Metro, Uber car pools, etc. Lastly, my URB-E makes me feel like I am satisfying my duty of reducing our carbon footprint and bettering the environment. The reason why I chose to write about the impact of my Pro GT is because some people may not have friends who own URB-E to share their experiences; some people may not be sure of its practicality on their daily lives. All I have to say is that my URB-E is versatile because its bettered my life in the several ways I spoke about.