SXSW Transportation | The URB-E Guide

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austin texas urb-e SXSW is one of the country’s biggest events in technology, music, and innovation. If you’re lucky enough to be headed to Austin this March, you’re in for two weeks of conventions, concerts, talks and parties that the world will be watching. And this year, URB-E will be there! We’re pre-selling a limited number of URB-Es for the event, so email or call (626) 657-0098 and reserve your SXSW URB-E today! We’ll deliver it to you when you arrive at SXSW and ship it home for free when the festival is over. Look for URB-E riding the streets of Austin, giving free test rides, and helping our business partners get around town, including Amazon Launchpad, Luxe valet, and the W Hotel. We’re thrilled to be bringing green urban transportation to Austin this year, and we want to be sure you can get in on the newest revolution in SXSW transportation! URB-E Circle friends URB-E is the ultimate tool for SXSW. It's easy to ride, green, and compact enough to store on a bus or take into a conference. See what people are saying about URB-E here. We want to make getting around SXSW as smooth as possible, so we put together a handy transportation guide to help make the most of your festival experience.

SXSW Transportation: The URB-E GuideURB-E Black Label Electric Scooter - Folded View

Driving and Ride Shares If you were thinking of driving around Austin, the official SXSW website has some advice for you: don’t. Streets will be closed, parking will be a nightmare, and traffic will be bad enough that driving may not save you any time at all. With delays, even Uber can’t always be counted on to get you where you need to go. Valet Some hotels offer valet parking for attendees who drive to the event. This can be a very pricey option, with some hotels charging up to $30 per car. The parking app Luxe is a more affordable option; they’ll come pick up your car anywhere in town and return it to you whenever and wherever you need it. We've partnered with Luxe for the festival and provided their drivers with a fleet of URB-Es, so they'll be able to get to you and your car even faster! Shuttle SXSW has a free shuttle system that makes getting around easier, but it can get pretty packed in the crunch times before the main events. Catching multiple talks or showcases back to back is risky when you’re waiting for the shuttle to arrive. Bike Sharing There’s also Austin B-Cycle, a city-wide bike share program. A good option, but availability can be a problem during rush times. URB-E SXSW is made for a vehicle like URB-E. Most of the events take place in the 3-mile radius of downtown Austin, an ideal distance for comfortable URB-E travel. URB-E is more efficient than walking, and there’s no waiting for shuttles and no searching for bike or car parking. URB-E comes right into the conference with you and charges in any coffee shop or hotel lobby. You’ll see more of SXSW than you ever could on foot, and you’ll definitely turn heads of techies and music fans alike. Email or call (626) 657-0098 and reserve your SXSW URB-E today! We'll deliver it when you arrive in Austin and ship it home for free when the festival ends. See you in Austin! electric foldable ride