Real Estate Developments Love URB-E

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Business Group-9432 URB-E’s first rideshare program opened recently at The Park DTLA in Los Angeles. Other real estate developments working with URB-E include Bellefield Office Park (#BellefieldOP)–a joint venture between Lionstone Investments and Talon Private Capital–the Lionstone Investments headquarters in Houston, TX, and North American Properties’ The Colony, which has outfitted their valets with two fully accessorized URB-Es. Lightweight, compact, easy to ride and easier to store, it’s no surprise URB-E is perfectly suited for getting around real estate developments of all types. URB-E’s professional appearance and pedal-free design makes it ideal for office parks and apartment complexes alike.

The Park DTLA, Los Angeles, CA

The Park DTLA is already seeing the difference URB-E can make in helping tenants and staff get around efficiently. The Park DTLA is a 5-building, 270,000 sq foot office park that prides itself on showcasing new technology and sustainable operations. Its cutting-edge character is apparent as soon as you step onto The Park DTLA’s fully wireless campus, which was the first location in downtown Los Angeles to install solar-powered charging stations. Business Group-9628 Rising Realty Partners, owners and managers of the The Park DTLA, outfitted the campus with five custom branded URB-Es and custom charging stations. These stations enable tenants and staff to borrow URB-Es via a fully automated checkout process. The Park DTLA and Rising staff have seen a huge difference in their ability to travel between offices and buildings. “Between our corporate office and the other two buildings we own in DTLA, URB-Es allow our team to efficiently commute between various meetings at various locations throughout the day,” says Rachel Lee, Vice President of Asset Management and Development at Rising. “Driving, even with Lyft or Uber, would take twice as long depending on traffic, and walking takes up to three times longer than riding URB-E. URB-Es also have a zero emissions footprint, which is very important to our core values.” URB-E has become a fixture at The Park DTLA in both transportation office culture. Tenants and visitors often take pictures of the URB-Es branded with The Park DTLA logo and use the vehicles to facilitate work-day entertainment. Even The Park DTLA maintenance crew has benefitted from URB-E. “Having access to an URB-E on campus has simplified my daily tasks,” says Carlos Velasquez, the Security Director at The Park DTLA. “From delivering routine event flyers, patrolling property grounds in style and interacting with tenants and guests has made it a breeze in providing unmatched customer service.” The Park DTLA URB-Es are such a success that Rising installed a second set of URB-Es and charging stations at their recently acquired property, One Bunker Hill.

Bellefield Office Park, Bellevue, WA

At Bellefield Office Park, URB-E has been helping staff and engineers cover more ground.
Talon Private Capital constantly evaluates new opportunities to enhance our tenants’ experience. The Urb-E fits perfectly at Bellefield Office Park, our creative office park set in a wetlands preserve. It is lightweight and portable, giving us a clean and efficient way to travel our 70 acre site, staying close to our tenants and responding quickly to their needs. Plus, they just look cool; the young creative employees of our tenants instantly clued in to this and we won’t be surprised to see several more Urb-E bicycles cruising around the grounds of Bellefield Office Park. #BellefieldOP -Gabe Levin, Director at Talon Private Capital
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