Metro Guide

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Los Angeles can be an urban jungle even on the best of days. Fortunately however, we here at URB-E have put together the ultimate survival guide for your commute in conjunction with our friends at the Los Angeles Metro and Metrolink. Thanks to this groundbreaking partnership, URB-E can be taken on any form of public transportation in the Los Angeles area imaginable, saving you thousands of dollars every year compared to by car. And these saving extend beyond just LA's city limits. With Metrolink's 7 high speed lines, URB-E can now take you all the way from Ventura county to sunny San Diego, saving you time, money and stress along the way. Part 1: The Approach As you begin your commute you may ask yourself, “Is it worth my time to get to that metro stop? It's just a little too far”. The answer is that with URB-E no metro stop is out of your reach. By solving the first and last mile between public transportation stops that so many urban commuters face, URB-E allows you to never hesitate to leave the car at home. No matter the Metro stop, URB-E is a snap to take along with you. It can be rolled up ramps, carried up stairs or taken on any escalator or elevator, all without breaking a sweat thanks to its revolutionary light weight aluminum frame and foldable construction. Part 2: Boarding You stand on the platform, and as the train comes around the corner, you see every commuters worst nightmare: standing room only. If you had ridden a regular bicycle to the station, today would not have been your day. With URB-E however, there is no such thing as too full a Metro car. At only 35blbs and collapsing to half its size in one second flat, URB-E is a snap to take on and off any Metro car. Thanks its cutting edge design, the URB-E's foot print when folded is small enough for any situation. Just fold your URB-E and roll it on with you, as simple as that. With its highly space efficient design, URB-E can be brought onto any Metro or Metrolink train, bus or trolley without stress or wasted time.  

Part 3: The Ride

Once you're on the Metro and on your way, you have a myriad of ways to ride. If by some happenstance of luck there's an opening in the bicycle area, you have your own personal seat thanks to the URB-E's high quality leather saddle. If you have to take a regular seat, the URB-E easily sits between your legs when folded. And if you are stuck standing, with the front kickstand installed you can simply stand over the URB-E and take up no more space than any other passenger.