Looking for Father's Day Gifts? Try URB-E

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Father's Day Gifts, the URB-E Way

We know. It’s hard to find Father’s Day gifts for the dad who has everything. Even for the dad who just has some things, it’s difficult to find presents that are both practical and fun, a little indulgent, but don't break the bank. This year, URB-E has a solution to put Father’s Day gifts of yore to shame. An URB-E is everything the dad in your life could ask for: cutting-edge, practical, time-and-money-saving, and unbelievably cool.

Get Around Quickly and Easily

URB-E foldable electric scooter in car Trunk For Dad, every minute is precious. Whether it’s catching two soccer games on different fields, getting to the school play on time, or dashing out for a grocery run, URB-E saves time by avoiding traffic and parking.

Commute Like a Bossmetro pasadena, ca train commute urb-e foldable electric bike

URB-E makes commuting ridiculously easy, so dads can help with breakfast and still catch the train on time. Or, they can URB-E all the way to work and save money on gas and parking without breaking a sweat.

Plan Your Kid-Free Getaway

URB-E seats one, so it’s the perfect vehicle for some papa personal time. Or, if the kids have already flown the coop, URB-E is a great vehicle for empty-nester joyrides.

URB-E foldable electric scooter Leaving urban Apartment

Share URB-E With the Whole Family

For creative dads, the possibilities are endless! Danny, an URB-E Dad in California, hooked up a wagon to his URB-E so he could pick up his kids from school. Check out what Danny has to say about URB-E and his wagon below.
"Being a car guy, burning fuel is fun, but sometimes it's not about the speed. It's about the cool journey my family and I have on the URB-E. The URB-E has been a blast, and my kids always want me to hook up the wagon to it and just ride. I can't wait till all of us can have one and cruise the beaches." -Danny, Pasadena, CA
urb-e electric scooter with wagon for children

Set a Sustainable Example

URB-E is 100% electric and is built right here in the USA. By riding URB-E, you're protecting the earth, supporting local business, and promoting American innovation. URB-E wants to make the world even better for the next generation, which is something any dad would want.


Make Other Dads Jealous

Father's Day gifts urb-e foldable electric vehicles pasadena, ca 91106

Be the guy on the block with the newest technology. URB-E is cutting edge and guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. Plus, it's a ton of fun to ride. And really, if you can rustle up a little dad-envy, that's half the fun. Questions? Want to place an order? Call us at or visit our shop now page. Don't forget to order by June 7th to get your URB-E in time for Father's Day!