Long Beach Fire Department meets URB-E

Posted by Simon Caballero on

We debuted our trailer with the Long Beach Fire Department this past weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix! Long beach fire department urb-e LBFD approached us a few months ago about using URB-Es for event transportation. They needed a vehicle that was small, agile, electric, and easy to store, and URB-E fit the bill perfectly. Of course, we started printing custom inserts right away. The LBFD only had one question: could URB-E be used for emergency rescue situations? Firefighters don’t just need to cut quickly through a crowd, they also have to transport injured or sick people to safety. They wanted a way to use URB-E not just for themselves, but also to carry important supplies and, if need be, a person in need of medical attention. Nothing gets the URB-E energy flowing like an engineering challenge. We got to work designing a trailer that would fit all the LBFD’s needs.               The result: a trailer that attaches to the URB-E's back arm and can fold into a rectangular wagon or a flat emergency stretcher. It collapses for easy storage, too, just like URB-E! We brought a few URB-Es and our new trailer to the Long Beach Grand Prix for the LBFD to test in action. URB-E blew everyone away! The Fire Department was wowed by how easy it was to patrol the event; Jake Helfin, a firefighter, paramedic, and CERT program manager, told us, “the URB-E really enables us to cut through tight, crowded events like the Grand Prix.” The trailer was definitely the star of the show. Firefighters loved that it was sturdy, lightweight, and versatile all at the same time. It fit important supplies, unfolded to the perfect stretcher length, and came beautifully branded with the LBFD logo. Check out the LBFD testing out their new stretcher below: We're thrilled to be supporting the Long Beach Fire Department's important and lifesaving work. And if we can inject some fun as well, even better! Our URB-E trailer is not yet for sale, but for inquiries about it and other products in development, call us at or email info@urb-e.com.