Life At USC With an URB-E

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Upon coming to USC, I had no idea how much walking was actually going to have to happen in my daily life.  I find myself walking about 4 miles a day! For exercise purposes this is awesome, but it can be difficult to get to classes, meetings, or other events on time.  Bikes are fine, but they’re big and bulky, plus they’ve caused quite a few accidents with pedestrians recently. After a few months of scoping out my transportation options, I’ve decided my best bet is an URB-E.  My life at USC with an URB-E has dramatically changed for the better, and I’ll never look back.

Getting to Class

Living in a dorm on the corner of campus is great for quiet and safety, although it does not lend itself well to my classes on the complete opposite side.  Walking from my room to my farthest class used to take me anywhere between 15-25 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a while until your alarm wakes you up that much earlier each morning.  Now that I have an URB-E, I don’t have to alot that chunk of time to getting to class in the morning or later in the day.

Going Downtown

With L.A. Live and Metro Center right down Figueroa, going there on the weekends to grab some dinner or see a game would be a no-brainer.  Before I had my URB-E though, I would rely on friends to drive me, pay for an Uber, or ride the Metro which could total up to thirty minutes.  Now with my URB-E, getting down to see the Lakers or Kings takes me a matter of minutes, and only a few more to get to the heart of downtown. My life with at USC with an URB-E has opened me up to adventuring out to more of Los Angeles and experiencing more life as a local in the city.

Saving Time

On a day to day basis, I probably save at least an hour of my time that I used to spend walking from my room to class to meeting my friends at the campus center, and to all of the other activities that ensue.  With that extra hour or two that I save, I can get my work done earlier in the day, spend more time with friends, call my family, or--most realistically--take a nap. Life at USC is amazing, and it’s only gotten better now that I ride my URB-E everywhere.