Join Us For URB-E's Biggest LA Ride Along Ever!

Posted by Simon Caballero on

urb-e foldable electric scooters on the santa monica pier in california Calling all URB-E owners and fans! Save the date for the BIGGEST group URB-E ride we've ever taken! Get ready to cruise along the beach and share your URB-E pride with our team and with URB-E riders frcaffe luxxe coffee in santa monica, CAom across LA. The ride will begin at Caffe Luxxe, the local, community-focused coffee shop at 925 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica. Caffe Luxxe has generously provided a limited number of free drink tickets for URB-E riders, so show up early for an artisanal cup on the house! Street parking around the cafe is free on Saturdays, but we recommend riding to Santa Monica on the brand-new Expo Line. No parking, no traffic, and URB-E rides right along with you! After some coffee and a quick meet and greet, we’ll cruise down to Ocean Ave, Main St. and the boardwalk in URB-E style. Bring your cameras, because there will be plenty of photo ops! santa monica california urb-e electric scooters on the beach We’ll finish mid-afternoon in the center of Santa Monica, near the new Expo Line station and the entrance to the pier. From there, you can catch the train home, head off on another URB-E adventure, or stick around with the URB-E team as we give test rides and soak up the sun. If you’re planning to join in the fun, RSVP to our Facebook event or call us at . Friends and family are welcome! Don’t have an URB-E yet? We have a limited number of demos available during the Saturday event. Call  to reserve yours or to RSVP for a test ride. URB-E electric scooters in santa monica ca See you at the beach!