Is a Commuter Scooter Right For You?

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E Hotel Maybe you’ve seen URB-Es on the sidewalk or folded up on the Metro, but you’re not sure what to make of these interesting devices.  Who would benefit from an URB-E? Where is it even legal to ride? Our electric vehicles are perfect for a variety of travellers, but one of its best functions is taking people to work or school.  Call it what you want, but our URB-E is the ideal commuter scooter that can make your trip to work a lot more efficient. But how do you know if it would work with your lifestyle? Check out these guidelines to help you determine if an URB-E best suits you.


First of all, how far is your commute?  We love riding our URB-Es directly to work when it’s between 4-6 miles away.  Actually, we tell our riders that 5 miles is around the perfect distance to travel on an URB-E in one shot, although a bit farther is definitely doable!  Our Sport models can last 16 miles on a charge and our Pro models go for 20 miles, so most local commutes are covered by your URB-E.

Public Transportation

Do you live in an area with public transportation services?  Is your work accessible via public transit? If this is the case, URB-Es work perfectly in collaboration with many public transportation systems like LA’s Metro, BART, New York City’s subways, and more.  Commuting with an URB-E is as simply as riding to the Metro stop, folding up your device, and riding it from your stop to your office. With an URB-E, there’s no need to pay for parking or an Uber, offering an incredibly inexpensive alternative.

Indoor Space or Bike Rack

You’re probably wondering what you do with your URB-E all day now that you’ve taken it to work. You can leave your URB-E anywhere indoors propped up against a wall or held up with one of our kickstands.  One of our devices’ most useful features is its compactness, so as long as you have an 8” by 11” area (for reference: the size of a sheet of paper) in your workplace, you can fit an URB-E. Also, you can treat your URB-E like a bike and lock it up to a rack using our folding lock.   Because of its ability to fold up and 16 to 20 mile-per-charge battery life, URB-Es work for a variety of different lifestyles and work commutes.  More likely than not, riding an URB-E will help you save time, money, and provide a fun means of transportation for getting to your job.