Introducing the City Edition URB-E Folding E-Scooter

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The Patented URB-E Front Vertical Kickstand

Commuting times are on the rise in North America: more than a minute of commuting time was added to the average American’s commute between 2009 and 2014. Those numbers are representative of a trend: more people are moving to cities, and getting to and around cities has gotten tougher. City Edition URB-E Folding Electric Scooter with Seat This is not how it’s supposed to be: cities came into existence to make life easier large groups of people. Yet, we find ourselves stuck in stop-and-go traffic daily, wasting gas and worrying about emissions and smog. We here at URB-E recognize these problems, and are excited to bring you the City Edition URB-E Folding E-Scooter. The City Edition lets you discover what a city is supposed to be: convenient, stress-free, and fun! On your City Edition URB-E Folding Electric Scooter you will find everything necessary to take the city back. Take a look at the features included:  

Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Construction

The URB-E is made from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, guaranteeing that your scooter will be lightweight yet incredibly strong and durable. The URB-E’s patented, cutting edge design was conceived and is built entirely in America using parts made in California. city edition folding e-scooter with seat folds up to go  

URB-E Cargo Basket

One of the worst things about shopping is having to put your grocery into a wet, dirty basket or cart. The URB-E basket attaches to the back of your City Edition URB-E Folding Electric Scooter to turn it into the perfect shopping cart or luggage bin. And it easily pops off the URB-E in case you need to use it in a crowded aisle! The Front Vertical Kickstand allows you to stop and stow the URB-E upright wherever you are. Whether you need to stop for a moment to put some groceries in your URB-E cargo basket or want to put it away for the night, your Front Vertical Kickstand reduces your URB-E e-scooter's footprint to under 2 square feet! iPod Charging Cable for Folding Electric Scooter with Seat  

USB Connection for Charging

These days, we tend to build our routines around the battery status of our phones. The URB-E lets you use your phone all day, without compromise. Charge your phone while you consider recipes at the grocery store and never fight for an outlet at the cafe again.  

RAM Mount, Cupholder, Leather Handle for City Edition URB-ELeather Carrying Strap

At a lightweight 35-pounds, the URB-E handles stairs well when you’re getting down to the train or up to your office. The incredibly comfortable leather carrying strap makes it even easier to fold up your City Edition URB-E for those times when it’s not carrying you.

RAM Mount

The RAM Mount is a flexible grip that holds your phone or tablet in place  while riding you City Edition URB-E. The RAM mount also works perfectly with the City Edition URB-E's phone charging cable, so you can keep Google Maps or Pokemon Go open while you ride without worrying about your battery life!

URB-E Cupholder

The URB-E Cupholder lets you have a drink close at hand while riding around town on your City Edition URB-E. You won’t need to fumble with your backpack or reach under your seat to stay hydrated while navigating. URB-E foldable electric scooter with seat made in america

A City for its Citizens

All of the features of the City Edition URB-E Folding E-Scooter combine to make it the perfect tool for getting around the city. It stands dutifully by as you ride the train or wait for a friend, and easily folds out to speed you to your next destination.

Cities were born to help people live easier. The City Edition URB-E Folding E-Scooter makes good on that promise.

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