How To Stop Sidewalk Clutter From Dockless Scooter and Bike Share Programs

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E Lifestyle If you live in Santa Monica or the Bay Area, you’ve probably seen the streets littered with electric scooters and bikes from sharing programs.  Because they’re so easy to toss to the side without consequence, they’re appearing all over lawns, in front of stores, and hanging on fences. Although their convenience is appealing, Bird Scooters, Limebike, and others of the sort are cluttering city streets and making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate.

Electric Scooters Abundant in San Francisco

This dockless bike trend actually got its start in China where they had a short-lived popularity in major cities.  However, these bikes were soon discarded in the streets and left broken in piles. Riders were stealing them due to their lack of docking station, as well.  A few years later, this trend has found its way to the U.S., especially on the West Coast. San Francisco especially is home to a wide variety of dockless, sharable personal transportation options like JUMP, LimeBike, SpinScooters and more.  As these bikes and scooters gain popularity, city officials are tuning into the Chinese’s example and beginning to notice a huge problem with clutter.

How can we avoid the sidewalk clutter from these programs?  

Using a multi-modal, foldable electric vehicle like URB-E will clear up streets and works in collaboration with public transportation.  Limebikes and Bird Scooters are taking riders away from public methods of transit, creating traffic issues and clogging up bike lanes and sidewalks.  The unique advantage riding an URB-E has is its multi-modality; you can ride your URB-E, fold it up, and take it on the metro, BART, or other public transportation systems.  

Don’t Just Toss Your Bike

Instead of recklessly picking up a shared electric vehicle and dropping it off in a random location when you get sick of it, why not invest in a sustainable and compact mobility device?  With URB-E, you can ride in bike lanes and sidewalks, but fold them to wheel or carry in tighter spaces. This way, you can walk up a flight of stairs or park your vehicle out of the way of pedestrians, wheelchairs, and strollers.

An Electric Scooter With a Seat

Avoid cluttering the sidewalks and streets with your sharable scooters and dealing with the inconvenience of poor quality transportation.  Riding an URB-E makes it easy to maneuver around cars and pedestrians alike and is a safe, compact method of commuting. Plus, our vehicles are a hybrid of both scooter and bike, making it a truly unique and comfortable riding experience.