How do you take a bicycle on the Metro?

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Taking your bike, scooter, or URB-E on the Metro is as easy as walking onto the train or bus.   All Metro buses have two bike racks on the front, except for the Orange Line, which has three racks. Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early and wait on the sidewalk. The Metro recommends that in the case bike racks are full, wait for the next bus. Always tell the bus driver which stop you are getting off on to give yourself ample time to remove your bike. If you have an URB-E or a scooter, you can fold it up and bring it onto the bus with you. Unless the entire bus is full, there’s no need to wait for the next one.   All Metro trains allow bicycles, scooters, and URB-Es. Simply look for the car marked with this yellow decal: Vehicles are not permitted in front of the operator's door in the lead car. Please remember to walk your vehicle through stations and on train platforms. Use elevators or stairs to transport your bike up and down stations. Only pedestrians, scooters, and URB-Es are allowed on escalators.   Thank you for riding your bike, scooter, or URB-E, taking a Metro bus or train, and saving money and the planet!