Folding Electric Scooter Showdown: URB-E vs Segway miniPRO

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Electric Vehicle Showdown: URB-E vs Segway miniPRO

Two very popular solutions to getting around the city without wasting gas are the URB-E and the Segway miniPRO. They’re each fully electric, have two wheels, and can be bought on Amazon. Their similarities end there. Read on to see how the URB-E and the Segway miniPRO compare! urb-e-at-365-foods-basket-segway-minipro

Build Quality

The URB-E Electric Scooter is built in America using carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. Each URB-E goes through a rigorous 45-point inspection before becoming available to users, and is signed off by a member of our production line. The URB-E weighs 35 pounds, and folds to comfortably lift and carry if you are getting in a car or down the stairs. The Segway miniPRO uses aircraft-grade magnesium alloy. The FAA says “If weight is of primary importance, magnesium alloy is used because it is lighter than aluminum alloy. However, aluminum alloy is frequently used because it is stronger than most magnesium alloys.” Segway is now owned by Chinese company Ninebot, who does not elaborate on where their vehicle is built.

Winner: the American-Made URB-E


Speed & Range

The URB-E Electric Scooter has a top speed of 15 MPH, and can go 20 miles on a single charge. 2 miles on the URB-E will take up 8 minutes. Built as a solution to last-mile problems, the URB-E is more than capable of getting people quickly to and from their destinations for a full day. The Segway miniPRO has a top speed of 10 MPH, which is limited to 6 MPH for your first half mile. 2 miles will take you 14 minutes. The range of the Segway miniPRO is about 14 miles on a charge.

Winner: the URB-E



Each URB-E is hand-built in Pasadena, and you can call us or visit us at our headquarters if there is ever a problem with your URB-E. The URB-E also features run-flat tires, so after purchase you will not need to worry about your tires until you wear them out. The Segway miniPRO uses pneumatic tires that need to maintain 45 PSI. When PC Magazine was reviewing the Segway miniPRO and wanted to call support they wrote:

 “While one of Segway's big selling points is a major US office and customer support staff, calling in the middle of the day on Wednesday, August 3, all I got was a voicemail message that the company was closed "for the holiday." I left a message and still haven't been called back. According to Wikipedia, there is no holiday anywhere in North America on August 3.

Winner: the URB-E



The URB-E folds down to the size of a golf bag, letting you easily slide it under your desk, into your closet, or stand it upright as a conversation piece in your home. You can also still use the motor when you are pushing it, allowing for incredibly easy travel. The Segway miniPRO allows for motor-assisted travel when you are not riding it. The shape it has when you are riding a Segway miniPRO is the same shape as when you are not using the Segway miniPRO.

Winner: the Compact and Foldable URB-E



You can buy an URB-E from our headquarters in Pasadena, get it shipped for free to anywhere in the contiguous United States, and order from any of over 60 countries. You can buy a Segway miniPRO in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Winner: the Internationally-Shipping URB-E

And the Head-to-Head Winner is…


The URB-E!

The URB-E is an easy choice, winning in all 5 categories. The Segway miniPRO is slightly lighter than the URB-E, but doesn't have the range, speed, or build quality of the URB-E. With an URB-E, you get a product built in America using premium parts, and you get a comfortable, sustainable last-mile solution!

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