Folding Electric Scooter Showdown: URB-E vs EcoReco

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Folding Electric Scooter Showdown: URB-E vs EcoReco

When you decide on what automobile to buy, you would rarely choose the first option presented  to you. That same concern for the right buy applies to getting yourself an electric scooter. When you look for a solution to the “last-mile” problem, there are a couple vehicles to choose from. Two popular options right now are the American-Made URB-E seated folding electric scooter, and the EcoReco standing electric scooter. Read on to see how they stack up against one another.

 URB-E: Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fiber


Build Quality

Every URB-E is built in Pasadena using carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum parts. The URB-E is built to be light, and built to last. And since the URB-E is made in America, you know exactly who and where the solution to your question is. The EcoReco uses aluminum in its frame, but is made from parts sourced around the world. The EcoReco otherwise is unclear on its parts, so you aren't totally clear on what you're buying, or where it's from.

Winner: URB-E

URB-E: electric scooter with seat versus EcoReco standing electric scooter  


The URB-E weighs 35 pounds, which is the result of innovative design and carbon-fiber parts that reduce weight while increasing durability for a fully-featured seated electric scooter. The EcoReco weighs 34 pounds, and that's without a seat.

Winner: URB-E, Because a Pound Heavier= a Ton More Comfort

Speed and Range

The URB-E has a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and can travel up to 20 miles on a charge. The EcoReco's top speed is 20 miles an hour, and travels 10-20 miles on a charge.

Winner: Draw

urb-e foldable electric scooter is better outdoors than the XCooter  

Ride Quality

The URB-E features single-shock seat suspension, guaranteeing a reactive, dampening effect over road imperfections. That plus the ventilated seat promises a comfortable ride, day after day. A CNET review points out that the EcoReco has an unusually harsh ride quality, making it a difficult device to ride constantly. And that's on top of standing the whole time that your are commuting.

Winner: URB-E



Every URB-E comes with a 1-year warranty that covers the entire vehicle against manufacturing defects. The EcoReco website says: "We expressly warrants that each of its products is free from defects in line with the state-of-the- art in terms of materials and manufacturing under normal operating conditions and according to proper use for a period of 180 days from the date of original purchase." We don't fully understand that sentence either.

Winner: URB-E


And the Head-to-Head Winner is...


The URB-E!

The URB-E is an easy choice, with a final score of 4-0-1. The URB-E is made in America, and features nearly the same weight with a supremely more comfortable ride. The URB-E is a more expensive product, at $1,499 compared to the $1,099 EcoReco M5, but quality and comfort are two things someone considering an electric scooter should not cut costs on.

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