Financing Your Dream Scooter with URB-E

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Why Finance a Scooter from URB-E?

You can own an URB-E for as low as a pack of gum a day when financing with no money down. Don't chew gum? Then that's a coffee a day. Or the cost of parking. There are three financing plans available with approved credit:
  • 12 month plan with 0% interest with regular monthly payments
  • 24 month plan at 9.99% APR
  • 36 month plan at 9.99% APR
Payments can be as low as $125 a month using our 12 month, 0% interest plan for an original edition or Black Label URB-E. That’s right — you can purchase an URB-E for the price of a latte a day with approval! When you finance a scooter using the 24 month plan, payments can be as low as the price of a medium cup of coffee from Starbucks, and as low as the price of chapstick when financing for 36 months. Girl rides URB-E electric vehicle down sidewalk in Pasadena, ca

Price of an URB-E vs. Price of a car

The cost of financing a scooter with URB-E is extremely cheap, especially when these statistics come into play:
  • The average cost of gas a month is about $250
  • Average cost of owning a car is $8,698 a year
  • Average cost of monthly parking is $155, and in major cities, this number skyrockets to over $400 a month
  • People spend on average 42 hours in traffic (and over 60 hours in major cities)
  • Average cost of driving a mile is 59 cents per mile

Apply for Financing Now!

Price of an URB-E vs. Price of coffee

  • URB-E Black Label with 12 month plan equates to a Starbucks latte a day
  • URB-E City Edition using the 24 month plan equals a Coffee Bean large iced coffee a day
  • URB-E Original Edition using the 36 month plan is the same as a medium cup of hot coffee a day from Peet's
  • Basically, skip the coffee. You'll have enough energy for the day after a few seconds on your URB-E.


Financing is easy as pie

Check out the easy steps below to find out if you’re qualified! The application is risk free and takes fewer than 5 minutes to fill out.
  1. Visit and click on "Apply For Financing Now"
  2. Click Apply Now and fill out the application (takes less than 5 minutes!)
  3. Submit your URB-E Wells Fargo credit application and you’ll find out if you’re approved!
  4. Once approved, visit our financing shop page and customize your cart with the URB-E and accessories of your choice
  5. During checkout, select “URB-E Credit Card” as your Payment Method Selection and update your order
  6. Select a financing plan
  7. Fill out your Wells Fargo card number at the bottom of the page
  8. Submit payment — and you’re all set! Congrats!   
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